Lost in Latur - A poem by Archana

All the things around were shaking

The intensity was such that all was breaking

The glazed eyes that looked around

The moving ones did not know

Where they bound.

Then the darkness lifted and there was light

But, for me, nothing seemed right.

An nightmare that are very few will forget

For so closely with death we had met

For me, I was all alone.

Walking alone like a lifeless clone.

My dreams shattered and family scattered.

For me now nothing mattered

Even if a ray of hope did shine,

It was others and never mine.

I cried, but for what?

It all comes to the question, now what?

All seems dark and dreamy

There seemed no chance of me being free

Alone in this wide world.

Further into my shell I curled

At night I woke up screaming,

Tears from my eyes streaming,

In all this dreadful happening,

The loving touch, the wanted feeling

All was lost never to be gained.

All I felt was I was chained

Why did all this happen to me?

Like others to be happy, was I not meant to be?

It all left such a scar on my mind

I could never, never leave all this behind

Yes, all this came back when I stood

looking at the wild moor

Realising that all that was mine was

Lost in Latur.


Archana was awarded a Commendation prize in the Second All-India Poetry Competition Among School Children : 1997.

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