An Indiegogo campaign that I ran as an experiment

I've been intrigued by crowdfunding. So, on 12th April 2014, I ran a 24 hour campaign to see how it works. No path-breaking stuff. Just got two contributions, which exceeded my modest expectations.

Here is the full-text of the campaign (Link:

We have six pet dogs. They are ageing. We need your support!


I am Karthik. I am married to Archana and we have two beautiful kids, Ksitija and Adhvay.

We also have six pet dogs, who are featured in the video.
Archana and I got hitched together because we love dogs. I remember asking Archana romantically what is common between us. That was in December 2003. She replied, rather nonchalantly, "We both cannot live without dogs." 
That was prophetic and how!
When we rescued Shadow in November 2004, we never imagined our brood growing. Being the Cancerians that we are, Archana and I got Shadow a Christmas gift, Manna. We adopted her from an animal  shelter, Compassion Unlimited Plus Action (CUPA) on December 25, 2004.
On March 21, 2006, I was at work, on a night shift. My dad sent me an SMS. It read, "One out". I wondered if a cricket match was going on. I ignored the message and returned to work. A few minutes later, another SMS arrived. It said, "Two out." Now, I was annoyed. Intent on telling my dad to stop spamming me, I called him. Then, he dropped the news. "Kazi has delivered two pups," he said.
What? I was incredulous. The veterinary doctor, Dr. Amarnath had read the X-ray 20 days ago, and stated that Kazi was not pregnant.
Oops, I forgot to mention. Kazi was a labrador that was gifted to my brother and me in March 1998 by my aunt, Meera.
So, Shadow had won over the virgin Kazi and made her a mommy. I called Archana. She rushed to my parents' house at 8 p.m. from Ulsoor to ISRO Layout, in Bangalore.
And with the vet for support over the phone, she helped Kazi deliver another 6 pups. The next three months were crazy as we took turns to take care of the 8 pups, feeding them, bathing them and cleaning them.
We decided that..............................(To be continued - this convinces me that I should write our dog story. I'll put it up on my website when I can.)
To cut a long story short, we now have six dogs. They are ageing, and have medical problems. The medical bill for treatment for Caesar, Juliet and Golf came up to Rs. 72,380- in December 2013. In fact, we have not yet paid the wonderful vets at Cessna Lifeline, in full. You see, while we have bootstrapped our passion for 10 years, we now need your help.
Make a small contribution. Your place in doggie heaven is assured :-)

The dogs need the best medical help. You get a warm fuzzy feeling!

Why are we raising $500? Because that is the minimum that Indiegogo allows.

This is our first attempt at raising money online. Honestly, our expenses for our lovely pets is far more than that. For example, a box of 60 Azodyl capsules for Caesar costs Rs. 6,000, and he needs one every day. 

We over the vets at Cessna, Rs. 20,000/-. Our finances went a bit awry due to medical expenses for the humans at home

Even if we don't meet our funding goal, we'll do the best with what your contribution can buy.

Let's make the dogs' lives beautiful

Mysore is woefully short of good veterinary care. We take our pets to Bangalore, specifically to Cessna. That's 140 kilometers away.

If we can raise some money and do it well, we'll do more for animal care at Mysore.

10 years ago, Archana and I launched KSITI as a voluntary social service group. Our past project reports are available at

This is a project as real as it gets. Make a contribution to our best friends, and yours too!

If you can't help financially...

So, you can't send us some money? No problem! Give us a call or email us with your words of support.

Over the years, we have been called crazy for keeping the dogs, i.e. sticking to our convictions. Your words of support are just as valuable.

If you think some of your friends can contribute, let them know about this campaign!


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