At the Pratham Books stall #BangaloreBookFair2014

Being at the Book Fair was amazing! For the 6-7 hours that I was there, I met many interesting people. Personally, the highlight was meeting Mr. Krishnamurthy, the lab instructor from RV College of Engineering (where I graduated from) and Ram Prakash, the CEO of Tachyon (famous for Quillpad).

I had last met Mr. Krishnamurthy in 2005. He recognized me immediately and said that I've become fatter! He asked, "Why Pratham Books? Have you left technology?" I reminded him of my interests in publishing. After all, I'd was the Editor-Publisher of the popular college news-magazine called "The Gazette" in 2000.

Ram and I had met a couple of days earlier, discussing possible synergies for SPP (now christened StoryWeaver). So, it was an opportunity to show him the digitization problem we are trying to solve, by converting the legacy content to Unicode.

My daughter, Ksitija was accompanied by my dad. They arrived late in the evening. When I asked Ksitija what she was excited about, she replied nonchalantly, "Eating popcorn and cotton candy!" She stayed back with me for the rest of the evening, helping out with arranging books at the stall. She also found a corner to read and to be read to. Some visitors to the stall must have noticed father and daughter reading "Freedom Run".

It took a lot of teamwork to make this Book Fair happen for PB. All of us who volunteered at the Book Fair unanimously agreed that the experience was educational. After all, all of us had some interesting anecdotes to share.

So, Raviraj, when are we going to be at a book stall next?

Here are some photos from the event:


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